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Pricy education and long hours spent in classrooms make up most of our university lives. What if that would not be the case anymore? What if education was promoted on a scale so big that all those who wish to pursue a desired career could benefit from it? What if learning goes from limited timeframes and confined classrooms to unlimited in all aspects?
Accomplishing such a goal is only possible by opening classrooms through online learning!
Globademy has taken the initiative to offer advanced courses on an e-learning platform. To provide affordable, convenient, and job-specific programs, we have partnered only with the leading universities. We aim to bring quality online learning to individuals and organizations worldwide.
We offer a variety of online learning programs, from hands-on projects to job-relevant degree and certification courses.

Transformation Through Education:

Education is the passport to freedom, and e-learning is a catalyst that will bridge the gap in learning and bring opportunities for people to access resources and transform their lives anywhere in the world.Technology has changed our world, and e-learning is the future that we all need to embrace. At Globademy, we help people realize their dream through e-learning, which gives everyone a fair chance to learn regardless of their location in the world.


To make education more convenient and accessible to everyone across the globe through e-learning. We wish to make Globademy one of the best online learning platforms because we believe in equality for all when it comes to acquiring education.

Our Story

Having education for me was very challenging, and this paved the way for me to start Globademy, where everyone anywhere will have access to quality and affordable education.


To create a world where literacy opportunity is available for all through e-learning to add value to humanity.

We Believe

Learning is the right & light that can shine through us to make our world a better place.

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